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Przygody z Thawte

15/10/2009 2 Komentarze

Dzisiaj otrzymałem list o takiej oto treści:

Important Thawte&reg Personal E-mail Certificate Holder Notice
Thawte Personal E-mail Certificates and Web of Trust are being discontinued

Dear [...],

Over the past several years, security compliance requirements have become more restrictive, while the technology infrastructure necessary to meet these requirements has expanded greatly. Despite our strong desire to continue providing the Thawte Personal E-mail Certificate and Web of Trust services, the ever-expanding standards and technology requirements will outpace our ability to maintain these services at the high level of quality we require. As a result, Thawte Personal E-Mail Certificates and the Web of Trust will be discontinued on November 16, 2009 and will no longer be available after that date.

Deciding to conclude these services was a difficult decision for us to bear, specifically because of the community that has been built around these products over the years.

To express our gratitude and sincere appreciation for being a part of our Thawte community, we would like to offer you up to $100.00 off the purchase price of our SSL and/or code signing certificates.

If you would like to take advantage of our offer, please forward this email to our sales department. Their contact details are listed at the foot of this message. Please note that this offer expires on November 16, 2009.

I tak oto zakończyła się moja przygoda z Thawte po ponad 10 latach trwania. Mogę napisać tylko jedno – szkoda, gdyż ich bezpłatny certyfikat towarzyszył mi długo i był nad wyraz pożyteczny w korespondencji z ludźmi z ‚upper damagement’ firm wszelakich ;)