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NetBSD 5.0 VMware Appliance


At this moment only basic version is available: no preinstalled packages, no special configuration. Standard install, suitable for developers, sysadmin and brave hackers. Xorg should work (if You like TWM).

Images are tested under Linux, MS Windows and Mac OS X. Any feedback will be pleased. And stay tuned: NAMP appliance coming soon. ;)


NetBSD 5.0 (official release)

Disk size:

about 4.7GB.

Enabled services:

ssh, smtp

User / password:

guest / guest and root /root


NetBSD 5.0 rel.1 (i386, 90M, 7zip)

NetBSD 5.0_RC3 rel.2 (i386, 107M, 7zip)

NetBSD 5.0_RC2 rel.1 (i386, 170M, zip)

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